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So before I had counted up commissions or got back to everyone about confirming their order- I decided to do a stepping stone into development to get me off to a good start with my commissions. Check it. Prism at the nameless bar in Candy Carnival after her and Dylan do their thing.

I've been pushing this in the Get Watchers group. They have an awesome website that has a way to exchange views. I've got around 300 views on this thing so far and it just keeps growing. I'm praying that it helps me bring in a few more commissioners for when I finally finish. I may wanna slow it down a bit, though. I don't want to get too many commissions that are like this. This took me two days to finish and killed my hand. And I kinda have a fiance to spend time with on the same level.
ALSO. ini I lost the original 

piece before I threw the filter onto this baby. The bottles that you see here are as close as you're going to get about detail on the original. I'm so sorry guys, I was so proud of both and then the computer crashed because there was an issue with the battery. All I have is the WIP before it started getting good- which is above. 
Either way, I'm still pretty proud of what I was able to pull outta myself with that. I just really had to throw myself in, though.
I'm hoping I'll be able to do just as well with these commissions I have to work on,



07/12/2012 11:10

will return soon


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