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Yesterday, the sickness left me alone. I'm okay now, thank God. That was just awful.
As of now, I'm putting a pixel website together. A long time ago, I used to do this religiously. I just stopped caring, stopped having the patience, so I quit. But with all the stress coming down on me at once, I need a distraction that will keep me distracted and relaxed.
So far, it's working like a charm. While I am still somewhat depressed and distant, I'm not panicking, I'm not feeling like my world is out of control. I have my notepad and photoshop in front of me and I'm pixeling and coding the crap out of my website.
Yesterday, I even bothered to log back into THMB to see what I'm up against by looking at the member's websites.
I'm waiting to just be fixed altogether. I don't know how much time it's gonna take, but I'm just so ready to be normal again. I hate this.
So I'm sorry to keep everyone waiting for commissions and designs. I just really need this time away to pull myself together.
They're apparently giving everyone food poisoning-- for probably a month now.. This includes me.
If you're in Key West- avoid Salsa Loca / Cowboy Bill's at all costs. It's a great place to eat, it's got a great atmosphere, but it'll make you sick as a dog.
I'm praying I'm over the worst of it. This morning was a nightmare. I just wanted to go back to sleep. Augh.
Kitteh left his lunch break to bring me something to eat that I could keep down. Because of me, all he'll have for lunch today is snack like things ): That makes me feel awful- but I know how I get when I dont eat while i'm sick. I throw up nothing and continue to throw up nothing. I think I've passed out from something like that before too ): At least he bought a lot of soup. Hopefully we'll learn from this and keep it stocked in the cabinet so this doesn't happen again.
Anyways- I'm gonna see what I can get done, if anything at all, on this other website I'm trying to set up. Not sure if I'll be able to focus when I'm this tired or not.
Hollie says everything will blow over quickly.
Okay, so after a week of being away from work- I'm here, but I'm not sure I'm mentally prepared to get back on commissions just yet. Apparently things have calmed down a good bit and I'm trying really hard to stay away from stressful things, but this wedding stuff is taking a lot outta me-- and now friends.. friends are starting to get pushy and demanding and I'm slowly shutting them out because in the state I'm in-- no, no one's gonna make this any harder for me. Not with the wedding plans going the way they're going and my stress at the insane levels that they're at right now. So yes, this is where I'm at.
I think to kick start my brain, I may go out onto the balcony for the rest of the day if it's not too nasty outside heat wise.
Yesterday, I was introduced to a -- BRILLIANTLY remarkable way to setup a comic and it actually brought a few other ideas to mind.
Circle charts. Yes. Circle charts. So I'm gonna go out onto the balcony and I'm going to chart out a few things to get my gears going and then I'm gonna come back and see if I'm good for doodling my doodle commissions before I get on my big one that I have.
I'm sorry for the wait guys- if you were here and could see me- you'd understand. I'm a wreck. Blah.
My newest designs are selling pretty well on dA. Two gone within the hour. I'm not so sure the first will sell. I'll probably make more. They're not too hard and they're fun to make. Plus, they're cheap <3 So they get a good bit of attention thank God.
Two more commissions outta the way. And yet I still have three more from one person and another from Justin.
Blaaaaah. This is helping with the wedding so I'm having to grit my teeth and deal with the huge amount of work I have.
This is a warning that I wont be around too much for this week.
My fiance took off work for a week so we could get a few things done wedding wise. Just-- busy out of my mind, guys. Busy outta my mind. I hope its slows down soon. I need to straighten up the room before Kitteh gets home. I hope I can make it. I JUST got finished with my last two commissions that I had before the bigger ones.




Digital block is not cool.
So instead, I'm gonna sit here and work on traditional until I miss it 3<

Well.. I mean, I would if I didn't have to call my dad.

I wanna go back to sleep ini But I know I have to call my dad, get ready for tonight and wake up. WAKE UP. God why can't I wake up. I'm serious, I'm gonna start waking up with Kitteh every morning. That's the end of it.

I should be working right now, but I'm not ): I had nightmares last night that linked back to the wedding-- and I'm still stressed out about this Matt business.
Oh, I didn't say it here, apparently- my very old, very good friend Matt was in a horrible car wreck. The last thing I heard about him- he was in surgery and it wasn't looking good. He and another racer (yes, they were racing to what I hear) killed people in a street sweeper which apparently came out of nowhere. I'm worried sick.
So instead of working today, because I'm still really stressed about all of this- I'm gonna try to clear some stress and frustration from my shoulders and budget the wedding. Right now, I'm on invitations. *sigh* I promise I'll finish commissions soon. I'll try my hardest to be better for tomorrow. I don't like to keep people waiting.

I've updated the PayPal commission section.
It now contains a Glowing Painting V2 option. It's freaking pricey though because that thing took me forever to do and I can't imagine doing something else that I know so little about.
D: But yeah, that and my portf

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So before I had counted up commissions or got back to everyone about confirming their order- I decided to do a stepping stone into development to get me off to a good start with my commissions. Check it. Prism at the nameless bar in Candy Carnival after her and Dylan do their thing.

I've been pushing this in the Get Watchers group. They have an awesome website that has a way to exchange views. I've got around 300 views on this thing so far and it just keeps growing. I'm praying that it helps me bring in a few more commissioners for when I finally finish. I may wanna slow it down a bit, though. I don't want to get too many commissions that are like this. This took me two days to finish and killed my hand. And I kinda have a fiance to spend time with on the same level.
ALSO. ini I lost the original 

piece before I threw the filter onto this baby. The bottles that you see here are as close as you're going to get about detail on the original. I'm so sorry guys, I was so proud of both and then the computer crashed because there was an issue with the battery. All I have is the WIP before it started getting good- which is above. 
Either way, I'm still pretty proud of what I was able to pull outta myself with that. I just really had to throw myself in, though.
I'm hoping I'll be able to do just as well with these commissions I have to work on,

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