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So I pretty much got an email from Weebly stating that they missed me. I had to take a break from designs, sry. I really needed to gain my sanity back.
I've been working on a few sketches and pieces that were more personal to advance with my art. I felt like I really owed that to myself seeing how I've been really doing nothing but template work for a little while-- which bothered me.
I've also been building on my ideas on another idea of mine.
I run a group @ dA called Girly Press. I'm thinking about extending that to Twitter and a small social networking base. I'm not sure what I really want to do with that though- whether it be just  a Facebook account or an actual network of it's own. I thought maybe both, but then I'd be too busy to get anything done.
I also have really been pushing to go through a little on my Candy Carnival story. That's more difficult that I thought because all of the other things I've been trying to focus on.
The next group of designs I release, I'll try to make them more original template wise *facepalm* At least make them stand on two legs and design outfits if I can. It seems like Kemonomimi's and Anthro's sell better than anything. My last batch of cowls never sold and I still owe a custom *sigh*
So that's what I've been up to lately. That and taking care of my sickly Kitteh. Poor guy- I'm just glad he's recovering now.
Recently we went out and had a good time-- maybe a week ago, now. We went to catch the infamous Key West sunset. I think we had more fun taking photos of each other and walking around Duval than we did watching the sunset.

But no worries. The moment I create more designs, I'll be back to post.

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