The Bisseh Artist

FFFFffff Home page is decent looking for the time being. Kinda frustrated with lack of freedom this place gives me, but I guess you wanna keep it moderately professional, right? Not scare people away with tacky interfaces and backgrounds. e.e Still, takes away my originality- takes away what I'm capable of, my style.

ANYWAYS- this place will start looking better once I get my stuff straight via tablet land ouo I get my tablet here in a few days- I'm so stoked!
Until then, I'll be trudgin' along with this stuff. Blah. At least I'm doing SOMETHING with it. Right?

Right, so dA/MB, Tinier me, Gaiaonline and just straight up Paypal. Awesome. Coverin' the basics here. I'll be releasing designs for sale, first and then I'll set up shop to start market in a wider variety <3

UNTIL THEN : D I'm goin' out with my friends to Denny's to sit and cut up for a while. I need the distraction. I've sorta got a headache.

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