The Bisseh Artist

I finally got off to sleep around twoish? Ew. Big big big nasty ew.
But at least I got a good big done on my new design template.
It wont look like that every time, but I figured I'd post the idea.
I have a better feeling about this one... even though I still feel like it's off somehow. It irritates me. ):
 On another note not pertaining to art at all-- my future dad in law talked to me all night last night iui We talked on and off about the wedding and then we just talked at random. I know that seems meaningless to everyone else, but I was really nervous about whether or not he'd hate me because this was important to me.
I'm still rather nervous about meeting him and I still want to try to behave around him via facebook-- but lately- that's becoming a bit harder than I expected. You can read more about that below the cut.
Anyways, I'm exhausted and I know that I need to get some of these designs done so I can finally take a nap.

Yesterday I indirectly "picked a fight" with a grown woman- some mom by joking about something silly and then when she snapped about it -- I actually TOLD her it was a joke and that I meant no harm by it. She then ensued name calling and threats. I was blow away by her immaturity. A mom-- who had a daughter that was living on her own-- in college.. just-- what?
It started on Facebook on my ex's comment when she said the word "Dingus". I laughed and commented "Good lord, how old is that word? Only moms use that word." Knowing good and well that she looked older. Normally people laugh at that kind of thing. And she just exploded from there. She even bothered to apologize to the person who hosted the comment that this thing blew up in my face on about her temper.
And THEN! My ex contacts me and tells me that he's deleted me from his friends and refuses to add me unless *I* send a friends request to him as a formal apology. WHAT? I've shown everyone this conversation. I've even saved it on my phone because he deleted the whole mess. He told me he didn't agree with what the woman had to say, but I had to apologize. I apologized about having it explode on his comment. But that's the only apology I owed him or anyone else. I tried to explain to this woman that no harm was intended and she flat out threatened me.
*sigh* Call me immature, but I have lines that I draw. When someone is a certain age and they can't act their age and they start name calling and -- oh also- I blocked this woman-- and I informed her that I was done with the conversation because I couldn't seem to get my point across to her-- she literally called me a wuss. Yes. I deserved being yelled at by my friend because of that. Forget that mess.
I flat out told him that I owed no other apology than the one that I paid him about the comment mess. So I guess I wont be adding him back. I have no reason to crawl back to anyone. And that's just how I see it.

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