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The Bisseh Artist

They're apparently giving everyone food poisoning-- for probably a month now.. This includes me.
If you're in Key West- avoid Salsa Loca / Cowboy Bill's at all costs. It's a great place to eat, it's got a great atmosphere, but it'll make you sick as a dog.
I'm praying I'm over the worst of it. This morning was a nightmare. I just wanted to go back to sleep. Augh.
Kitteh left his lunch break to bring me something to eat that I could keep down. Because of me, all he'll have for lunch today is snack like things ): That makes me feel awful- but I know how I get when I dont eat while i'm sick. I throw up nothing and continue to throw up nothing. I think I've passed out from something like that before too ): At least he bought a lot of soup. Hopefully we'll learn from this and keep it stocked in the cabinet so this doesn't happen again.
Anyways- I'm gonna see what I can get done, if anything at all, on this other website I'm trying to set up. Not sure if I'll be able to focus when I'm this tired or not.
Hollie says everything will blow over quickly.
7/13/2012 14:54:28

Great info, thx


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