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Feb 27th Entry Via deviantArt-
So- today, I spent freaking out about what I didn't have to wear with my skirt to look cute for Kitteh when we were to go on our date. When I got the top- I realized that I could see my underwear through my clothes. So I went, changed that-- we're already late for dinner ): And I've wasted a good bit of time and I feel awful when lo and behold-- the sidewalk decides to trip me i^i So I busted my knees and my palms.
We went up to a friends house so I could clean up which costed us MORE time-- I -- felt.. so guilty.
We went out to eat amazing burgers and then we went to the warf to let our food digest.
Right when Kitteh told me that it was time to go- I stood up, fixed my dress and my jacket and while I was doing this "But before we go" and I turn around to see him down on one knee proposing to me. I almost died. He had a beautiful Claddagh ring in a box.
I would have cried because I was so excited but instead I giggled like an idiot <3

We've discussed it before-- which was why I was trying to desperately to help save up you guys! This is why I was and still am trying to sell my designs. Help a girl out? Buy her designs to help pay for at least SOMETHING to help out with the wedding?

June 12th, I'll be Mrs. Brook Nicole McGauley <3 I love you Kitteh <3 <3
It's official guys : D Getting the wedding plans in order now! I'm nervous and excited

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