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I'm somewhat freee from responsibilities with my tablet! Yay!
Augh iui finally. I've decided for the next few days, I'll just try really hard to market the adoptables I have out right now.
I have no idea how I'm gonna do that. But I'll try no matter what.
This is the time I'm gonna use to catch up on my crap and take a break from worrying about what my next move is adoptable wise. I'm so tired of trying to figure things out.
So this entry was more along the lines of a warning than anything.
For the next few days- I'm gonna be blah-- ooor working on commissions, it all depends.

Skitty, Cleffa and my DS ouo
But I do know that within the next few weeks, I'm gonna be up to my neck in Pokemon with my fiance. He's bought us both versions in Pokemon Black and White and we're both really excited about it. So if you can't catch me here, send me a message on dA or Email. I'll probably see dA before I see the email, though ): Sry guys.
If any of you are getting Black and White and wanna play with me? Hit me up with a friend code : D The more the merrier <3

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