The Bisseh Artist

I sent out a plea for help so I could get commissions in order to save up for the wedding. I didn't think I'd come even remotely close to my $100 marker.
From the looks of it, I have 10+ commissions.
I'm gonna be able to do this. I just have to keep at it.
I'm thinking about changing this whole scheme from orange, do purple, blue and green ouo
Orange is nice-- but it just feel so restricting.
So today and tomorrow-- only today if I receive the information that I need-- I'm not doing anything 'cept relaxing. No working, no filling orders, I'm just-- me. Here. Not stressing over ANYTHING.
Last night me and my ex bickered.. and bickered.. and bickered. Apparently there are still things that haven't been settled.
I can't stress right now.
So I painted. And I'm thinking of painting again.. and again... and again. Because I get nervous every time I think about us fighting.
All I really wanna do is go out with Kitteh tonight.
ANYWAYS. I really wanna start doing these for money. They shouldn't be bad. I have way too much fun painting them and I get carried away with mediums. This last one, I actually managed to use paints, permanent markers, tape, markers and construction paper. And the more I mess with it- I figure out new ways to make it look really awesome. Wet and dry wash work really well on cork-- better than what I thought it would look like. 

It's 1 and I haven't done anything progressive today. I've just sat here being antsy about tomorrow.
At least I reorganized and deleted doubles out of my flickr account, had a really awesome potato and looked into Shutterfly for the wedding.
I just got finished reading a new web comic that a friend introduced to me. Well, Kitteh was peeking at it once but couldn't get into it. I get into anything if I'm curious enough, so +1 reader for that website.
Last night I felt really sick and ended up going to bed around nine. Woke up around nine- so you can guess that I'm not feeling amazing lol. I get groggy when I sleep too much. I'm thinking when I go for lunch, which is about in a few minutes, I'll stand out in the sun for a while via balcony.
I think I may doodle today. Something to add to my doodle box over at my portfolio that I finally put together.
Also. I wonder if it's wise to have a blog on my commission website? Is this unprofessional? I figured that maybe if I kept one here people would know what I'm into and what's taking me so long. Maybe keep updates, but is this too personal?
Anyways- I'm about to go eat, play a few games, doodle, just poke around for the rest of the day. If I feel okay tomorrow I'll get back on everything. I may have a commission or two lined up from the way things look on dA.
I'm somewhat freee from responsibilities with my tablet! Yay!
Augh iui finally. I've decided for the next few days, I'll just try really hard to market the adoptables I have out right now.
I have no idea how I'm gonna do that. But I'll try no matter what.
This is the time I'm gonna use to catch up on my crap and take a break from worrying about what my next move is adoptable wise. I'm so tired of trying to figure things out.
So this entry was more along the lines of a warning than anything.
For the next few days- I'm gonna be blah-- ooor working on commissions, it all depends.

Skitty, Cleffa and my DS ouo
But I do know that within the next few weeks, I'm gonna be up to my neck in Pokemon with my fiance. He's bought us both versions in Pokemon Black and White and we're both really excited about it. So if you can't catch me here, send me a message on dA or Email. I'll probably see dA before I see the email, though ): Sry guys.
If any of you are getting Black and White and wanna play with me? Hit me up with a friend code : D The more the merrier <3


Now available in the "For Sale" wing of this website.
I finally got off to sleep around twoish? Ew. Big big big nasty ew.
But at least I got a good big done on my new design template.
It wont look like that every time, but I figured I'd post the idea.
I have a better feeling about this one... even though I still feel like it's off somehow. It irritates me. ):
 On another note not pertaining to art at all-- my future dad in law talked to me all night last night iui We talked on and off about the wedding and then we just talked at random. I know that seems meaningless to everyone else, but I was really nervous about whether or not he'd hate me because this was important to me.
I'm still rather nervous about meeting him and I still want to try to behave around him via facebook-- but lately- that's becoming a bit harder than I expected. You can read more about that below the cut.
Anyways, I'm exhausted and I know that I need to get some of these designs done so I can finally take a nap.

I have a good bit of designs now sitting in my for sale bin ):
They've been sitting there for a while.
I think I came up with $60 altogether unwanted designs. It's depressing.
I'll try to make some more tomorrow. But it looks like I may have a couple of commissions to work on first.
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