The Bisseh Artist

I just got finished reading a new web comic that a friend introduced to me. Well, Kitteh was peeking at it once but couldn't get into it. I get into anything if I'm curious enough, so +1 reader for that website.
Last night I felt really sick and ended up going to bed around nine. Woke up around nine- so you can guess that I'm not feeling amazing lol. I get groggy when I sleep too much. I'm thinking when I go for lunch, which is about in a few minutes, I'll stand out in the sun for a while via balcony.
I think I may doodle today. Something to add to my doodle box over at my portfolio that I finally put together.
Also. I wonder if it's wise to have a blog on my commission website? Is this unprofessional? I figured that maybe if I kept one here people would know what I'm into and what's taking me so long. Maybe keep updates, but is this too personal?
Anyways- I'm about to go eat, play a few games, doodle, just poke around for the rest of the day. If I feel okay tomorrow I'll get back on everything. I may have a commission or two lined up from the way things look on dA.

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