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Okay, so after a week of being away from work- I'm here, but I'm not sure I'm mentally prepared to get back on commissions just yet. Apparently things have calmed down a good bit and I'm trying really hard to stay away from stressful things, but this wedding stuff is taking a lot outta me-- and now friends.. friends are starting to get pushy and demanding and I'm slowly shutting them out because in the state I'm in-- no, no one's gonna make this any harder for me. Not with the wedding plans going the way they're going and my stress at the insane levels that they're at right now. So yes, this is where I'm at.
I think to kick start my brain, I may go out onto the balcony for the rest of the day if it's not too nasty outside heat wise.
Yesterday, I was introduced to a -- BRILLIANTLY remarkable way to setup a comic and it actually brought a few other ideas to mind.
Circle charts. Yes. Circle charts. So I'm gonna go out onto the balcony and I'm going to chart out a few things to get my gears going and then I'm gonna come back and see if I'm good for doodling my doodle commissions before I get on my big one that I have.
I'm sorry for the wait guys- if you were here and could see me- you'd understand. I'm a wreck. Blah.
5/30/2012 06:02:21

THX for info

7/11/2012 10:41:24

Nice one info, thx


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