The Bisseh Artist

Yesterday, the sickness left me alone. I'm okay now, thank God. That was just awful.
As of now, I'm putting a pixel website together. A long time ago, I used to do this religiously. I just stopped caring, stopped having the patience, so I quit. But with all the stress coming down on me at once, I need a distraction that will keep me distracted and relaxed.
So far, it's working like a charm. While I am still somewhat depressed and distant, I'm not panicking, I'm not feeling like my world is out of control. I have my notepad and photoshop in front of me and I'm pixeling and coding the crap out of my website.
Yesterday, I even bothered to log back into THMB to see what I'm up against by looking at the member's websites.
I'm waiting to just be fixed altogether. I don't know how much time it's gonna take, but I'm just so ready to be normal again. I hate this.
So I'm sorry to keep everyone waiting for commissions and designs. I just really need this time away to pull myself together.

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